Introducing merchandise, announced media, etc.

Requests for collection of data related to Why Co. , Ltd.
Inquiry form
Switchboard: Please contact us at +81-3-3842-4101.
Replies to inquiries made through the form may take time (inquiries made on Saturday, Sunday or holidays will be handled from the following business day), and in such event as a system failure we will not be able to reply. If more than a week has passed without any reply from our company, we humbly request that you make an inquiry our switchboard during business hours. Please take note.

[Notice regarding reporting]

Those in mass media or news organizations wishing to do a report, as a rule we accept those who meet the following conditions.

  • (1) Editors, reporters and cameramen from newspaper companies and publishers bearing a third-class mail license and publishes periodicals.
  • (2) Editors, reporters and staff from legally established internet news sites or informative website production companies.
  • (3) Television program production companies―including BS, CS and cable TV―reporters and photography staff.
  • (4) Radio program production companies, reporters and staff.
  • (5) Editorial and production companies mentioned above, as well as writers and cameramen connected to an editorial department via a reporting contract.
  • (6) Corporations or individuals already possessing a reporting track record with our company.

* Those establishing a blog privately, designers, buyers, advertising firms, PR companies, newspapers/publishers, TV/radio program businesses, advertisement sales departments (including exhibition company contacts), and research agencies do not apply.

[Important items for reporting inquiries]

Those fulfilling the above items, please prepare the following items in advance

  • (1) Purpose of reporting.
  • (2) Report details.
  • (3) Brands and product names about which you wish to report.

[Misc., other information]

Depending of the type of media introduced, we may withhold our cooperation.
(Examples: Media related to the prostitution industry, media focusing on scenes of extreme violence, etc. ).
We may refuse in cases where no formal appointment has been made, you are still in the planning stages (including the presentation stage), or your plan is not official, so please understand.